Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Why Another Mass Shooting?

Hey guys,

I know that this devastating event happened a few days ago but I needed to get my thoughts together for this post. I remember waking up Monday morning and do what I do each morning which is to look at my phone on Twitter,Instagram, Facebook, check my e-mail and etc. The first thing that I saw was about the Las Vegas mass shooting. My first response in my head was "Why???" Why does another person think it's the right thing to do to get a bunch of large (unneeded) guns for anyone to have as a civilian and start shooting at thousands of innocent people?? I just don't understand.

When I was younger, there might have been shootings but I don't think there were any large ones like we sadly have had. I'm only 26 years old, and at the top of my head I can already name 3 mass shootings around the county; Columbine High School, The Pulse and now this one. I also remember one that happened a few years ago in my own city. I even remember being in my house watching the updates on TV.  There was 7 innocent lives taken away that day and I know that 7 is not even close to the numbers in the other mass shootings but honestly, any number is way too high for any shooting.

One day I hope to have my own children but I'm honestly a bit nervous to bring children into this scary world where people think that they can go buy guns and shoot people for no reason at all.  When the time comes for me to have children, I'm going to absolutely be a great role model for them and express to them that I'm there for them if they ever want to talk to someone.

There has been several talk show hosts who has talked about the shooting but one that really struck me was Jimmy Kimmel's speech, which you can watch here. I was not aware that he was from Las Vegas and I understand how he was feeling. If you see/hear something happening in your hometown, you think to yourself that this wasn't how my city was when I was younger. Our cities were a lot safer back then, and that is because some people think that they are all that and go buy guns, and then go killing innocent people. That's the world we live in now and I'm just one person but something needs to definitely change. Now these days, people don't really want to go to concerts or out to celebrate occasions because there might always be the fear of someone taking their life for no reason.

My heart, prayers and thoughts goes out to all of the victims, their families and friends, and also to everyone who were injured and their families and friends as well.

<3 Amanda

Sunday, September 10, 2017

August Favorites

Hey guys,

This post is a little late. I meant to post this a lot sooner but you know how life can be. I'll make sure to let you know where the items came from.


Velveeta Mac and Cheese 

Naked Strawberry Banana Smoothie (I like how there's no dairy in it)

Not a fan of peppermint candy canes but like Peppermint Patties

"Be An Icon" shirt (Five Below)

Gray Joggers (Also have a black pair;Five Below)


Blistex Chapstick (Medicated)

Blankets from Five Below. They are so soft.

Hidrate Water Bottle 

Be An Icon shirt:
Blankets: Not found
Hidrate Water Bottle:

What were some of your favorites from the last month?

<3 Amanda 

Friday, August 25, 2017

My First Giveaway

Hey guys,

As a way to say thank you for reading my posts and for following me on my social media accounts I wanted to do a giveaway. I feel like this is a really simple giveaway but I feel like you have to begin somewhere, right?

What will you win in the giveaway? Well you will receive:

  • 1 4 pack of Pilot G2 Metallic pens
  • 1 bag of Haribo Gold-Bears Gummy Bears
  • 1 3 pack of Trident Watermelon Twist Gum
  • 1 6 pack of Paper Mate Flair Pens
  • 1 Blistex Medicated Mint Balm

I decided to give those items away because

  1. I love different kind of pens, especially Flair Pens
  2. I love candy and gum
  3. Blistex Mint is my favorite 
The giveaway starts tonight and ends on September 26th at 12:00am. You can enter here. Good luck to everyone and thanks again for being a reader and following me on my social media accounts.

<3 Amanda 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Starting High School Advice 2017-2018

Hey guys,

The school year is slowly coming to a start. I'm not too sure who exactly reads my blog but if you're not starting high school or in high school yourself but know someone who is, send them the link to this post and it might be helpful to them. Even though I graduated a few years ago in 2009, I still remember how nervous I was my first day of high school.  I have complied a few tips for you on starting high school:

  1. Be yourself! You want to make friendships with people to are like you and have the same interests as you. You don't want to pretend you act this way or another or like something that they like when you dislike whatever that is.
  2. You don't have to impress anyone! This goes along with #1 but you go to school to learn and interact with classmates but you shouldn't dress a certain way to impress someone. Not saying don't look cute for your crush though.
  3. Do NOT procrastinate! A good idea is to use a planner to write down all of your homework and tests and quizzes. My high schools (yes, I went to 2) provided agendas for us to use but if your school doesn't, stores like Wal-mart or Target has them.
  4. Don't skip/don't play hooky! Although you might think your Humanities class might be boring and you would rather be somewhere else, just tell yourself that you only have this class for one hour of your day and if you dread going to that class everyday, it is just going to make yourself slack off and you'll end up doing bad in the class and have to take it over.
  5. If you're able to, join a sport team or club! In my freshmen year, I helped with the musical and then my junior year I joined the track and field team and even though I was a terrible runner, I still made some great friends.
I hope you have a great school year regardless of what grade you're entering

<3 Amanda

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Favorite YouTube Channels Pt.3

Hey guys,

I decided that it was time to type up another Favorite YouTube Channels post.  Here are 5 of my favorites. They range from all over! 

Phillips FamBam (YouTube Channel): This family is a great one to watch. The family consists of the parents Danny and Tina, and children Braden, Ashlynn, Ethan, Elijah and Emberlynn. They post a variety of different videos that everyone can enjoy. They post Cook With Me's, Vlogs, Challenges, Hauls, Eat With Me's and much much more. Danny and Tina are such great people to look up to, and you can tell by their videos how much their family love one another. You can find them on their social media sites; Facebook, Instagram, Tina's Twitter and Danny's Twitter. You should definitely go check them out! You won't regret it!

itsmekassidee (YouTube Channel): The first thing that I like about her is that her spelling of her name is unique and I have never seen it spelt with a "K" before. Other than the spelling of her name, I like watching her videos because she is real and show how real life can be. She's married to Cary and they have 2 adorable children; Jensen and Lila. She posts vlogs, hauls and more.  You should check out her social media site; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus.  

The Weiss Life (YouTube Channel): This family consists of Jeff and Melissa (the parents) and Gabrielle, Gracelynn ,Gwyneth ,Gretchen and  Gemma. You could say that Jeff is out numbered but I don't think he minds. They post videos like Build-A-Bear videos, Vlogs, Challenges and much more. The girls also have their own channel, which you can check out by clicking hereTheir social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest.

HappilyAHousewife(YouTube Channel): Samantha is married to Matt and they have 3 children, Matthew, Lillian and Joshua. Through her videos I can tell that she is a great mom to her children. She's also really pretty. She posts a variety of videos and they range from Cleaning, Back To School, Grocery Hauls, Planner Videos, and much much more.  She is also a baseball mom. You should check out her social media sites! They are Twitter,Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook and Blog.

Lehoux Family (YouTube Channel): The Lehoux Family is a YouTube family from Canada. One thing that I like about them is that they also show how real life can be. Their family is Brad and Sara, and their children Sophia, Cohen,Nolan and Grayson. Sara has a personal channel as well and you can check it out here. She hasn't posted on that channel in awhile but there are still great videos on that channel. On their main channel, they post vlogs filled with a variety of things. You should check out their social media sites;  Facebook and Instagram.

Let me know down below if you subscribed to any of these channels. They are all great YouTubers!  

<3 Amanda 

Time Management For College


Hey guys,

Even though I am only a few weeks away from completing my bachelor year I still struggle with time management a little bit. My (online) college goes from Wednesdays to Tuesdays at 11:59 pm. We have to get all of our work in by 11:59 pm or it will be considered late. The work that I typically have in a week for 2 courses is:

  • Discussion board where we have to post our initial post and then respond to at least two classmates.
  • Readings 
  • Seminar
  • Journal (depends on the course)
  • Quiz ( depends on the course how many in a course)
  • Assignment (Typically every other week)

This current week though I have 2 discussion boards, 4 responses to do, 2 seminars and readings. This week isn't that bad as in workload. It is 12;21 am on Saturday morning, and all I still have to do is one discussion board, 4 responses, , one course reading and a seminar (which is on Mondays night so that's why). As it being early Saturday morning and having 4 days left to get everything completed I don't think I'm doing that horrible on my time management this week.

One key term that pops in my head is procrastination!! I am so guilty of that. For example, in one of my past courses I was finishing up a paper on Tuesday night I want to say around 4-5 pm and my laptop shuts off by itself (guessing it got too hot). I turned it back on and I think the majority of it was gone. Yup, I had to retype mostly everything.  There was tears as I liked what I had previously typed and was really nervous that due to having to type mostly everything again then I would get a low grade but I was really grateful that I got an A (I believe it was an a).

One of the things that I started way back in my associate year is to get a planner and write down all of my assignments that I had to do that week. As the days passed and I didn't do something I would write it on the next day. When I got things completed and submitted, I would highlight it so I knew I had that particular assignment done. A planner can help a lot with things other than school work if you're not in school.

Do you struggle with time management? Do you have any additional tips that work for you when it comes to time management? Let me know down below!

<3 Amanda

Friday, August 11, 2017

To Install Sarahah Or Not?


Hey guys,

You might have seen a new app popping up on social media and that is the Sarahah app. I have heard about it and it reminds me of apps in the past; Askfm and Formspring. I personally am not going to install it because in my opinion it is just another way that bullies can get away with bullying others. This app allows the sender to remain anonymous so the person who you're sending a message to can't see who you are. I know some of my friends installed it and that is totally their choice but again, I'm not going to.

<3 Amanda