Saturday, June 24, 2017

Munchpak Review PLUS Promo Code

Hey guys,
I have always been interested in trying out the Munchpak because it sounded like a really fun box to receive and my thoughts were correct. It was fun being surprised about the different snacks that I received  in my box. A few things about Munchpak:

  • The starting price is only $9.95
  • There are 3 different sizes of boxes.
  • Mini size- 5+ snacks
  • Original size- 10+ snacks
  • Family size- 20+ snacks
  • You can receive your box either once a week, every 2 weeks or once a month
  • You can pause or cancel at anytime
The size that I ordered was the original size which had 10 different snacks in the box. Some of the snacks were actually good and others weren't so great in my opinion. I'm going to tell you what I rated them from 0 to 5 stars and leave some information I learned about each snack. Here are the snacks I received:

A good amount of snacks in my opinion.

0 Stars; not a big fan of chips and the smell was not my favorite
 -Product of the USA
-Serving size: 1pkg, 210 calories
-Contains milk
-42 grams, non GMO Gluten Free

 2 Stars, they were good but I don't know if I would purchase them
-They smelled a lot like watermelon and they felt like hard candy but they are chewy.
-Product of China
Serving size: 1pkg, 220 calories.
-They also have other flavors like strawberry, green apple and blue raspberry.
5 Stars;chocolate is always good
-It tasted really familiar.
-Serving size: 1 wafer; 110 calories 
- Contains soy, wheat (gluten) and may contain traces of peanuts,hazelnuts, sesame and egg.
-No artificial colors; no preservatives. 
- I can't read the reading but it is a coated wafer filled with chocolate flavored cream 

5 Stars
-Strawberry hard candy
-Produced in Italy.
-The name made it sound like it could be sour but it wasn't. 
-Candy artificially flavored

5 Stars; tasted like an Oreo
-Made in Turkey
-Contains milk powder,soy and wheat flour
-May contain traces of hazelnuts, peanuts, sesame and egg.
0 Stars; even though it had chocolate inside it wasn't good.
-Product of Canada
-Serving size: 1 waffle; 140 calories
-Smells like a waffle cone
-Very soft and gooey
-Contains soy and eggs. 
-May contain milk.

3 Stars; they are okay (not a big fan of cream cheese).
-Made in Turkey
-Contains wheat flour, milk and cheese.

0 Stars; not a fan of vanilla flavored snacks
-Made in India
-Serving size: 4 rolls; per container about 14
-140 calories 

5 Stars; very familiar candy to me
-The Netherlands
-The picture makes it look like they are sour but they weren't.
-Serving size: 7 pieces; per pack about 3
-60 calories
-Contains coconut,

Looking over my pictures, I noticed that I was missing a picture somehow, so I went to and found a picture on there,


2 Stars; have a little bit of taste
-Product of Turkey
-Not sour
-Serving size:4 pieces; per container 1
-72 calories
-Do not contain gelatin 
-Contains heat (gluten) and sweetener
-Artificially flavored

I really enjoyed this box and am planning on purchasing more boxes because I like snacks (not going to lie) and I like the surprise of it. If you want to try out Munchpak, I have a promo code for you. ALIFEFLIPPED7 will give you $3.00 off your first MunchPak. Stay tuned for more Muchpak reviews! 

<3 Amanda 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Room Tour- June 2017

Hey guys,

Here is my much waited room tour.  I might not go into much detail for some areas of my rooms as I'm planning on doing more in depth posts on those areas. One thing that you probably will wonder is why I have these things/areas in my room and that is because although I'm an online college student(4 more courses to complete including the two I'm taking right now) I wanted to make my room feel like a dorm since I have never got to live in one.

When you walk into my room and stand by the door

When you stand in the corner diagonally of the corner with the door

The corner by my bed

My bed! Comforter is from Target (and also the sheets and pink/grey reversible pillow case that is hidden behind the turquoise pillow)

3 pillows are from Five Below

From Amazon

From Amazon

From Amazon

My nightstand next to my bed with my TV remotes, tablet and phone.

My desk area (Need some work).

My health/beauty area.

TV (necklaces are currently on the ground as I need to find a necklace holder). If you have a good eye, there is a Munchpak box on the couch so stay tuned for a review!
Closet top shelf

Closet top shelf


Closet organizer from Target (I built it all by myself!). The different color bins came from Five Below.

Extra beverages like plain water and sparkling ice water
Snacks (Shoe organizer came from Target)

What's your favorite area in your room?

<3 Amanda 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Grocery Haul

Hey guys!

I don't believe I have ever done a grocery haul on my blog and I like watching grocery hauls so I thought I would give it a try, and see how you guys like them. I'll start off with just household/cleaning supplies:

I already opened a canister. 

Heath care:

On sale, so why not be prepared?!

Quick meals:

4 pack!

Better than Kraft (4 pack)!


Had another type of sweet and sour chicken meal but already ate that one.

I'm set on Uncrustables!


Favorite vegetable!


Glaze doughnuts are the best!

Chocolate is always good!

My favorite breakfast food!


I'm sort of lactose intolerant so you will see a lot of dairy free ice cream items.



Not pictured: A Dove Chocolate candy bar.

What is your favorite item to grab at the grocery store?

<3 Amanda